Market Research Services for Rivendell Media’s Clients

Rivendell Media is proud to present the services of our strategic partner, Community Marketing & Insights (CMI). Founded in 1992 and based in San Francisco, CMI has served industry leaders around the globe with LGBT consumer market research services, strategic consulting, and corporate training.

CMI pioneered LGBT market research over two decades ago, and is the only firm to have produced comprehensive reports on an annual basis since 1994, providing our clients with valuable trend-tracking insights. We have supported the research and development needs of many of the leaders in LGBT marketing.

Many firms are now pitching “LGBT market research.” However, there is a significant difference in what is offered, and the practicality of your expected results. Our research panel comprises over 70,000 qualified LGBT consumers from across the USA and around the world. Many of our surveys yield results from over 1,000 participants, far beyond what is considered statistically significant. CMI has produced over 300 LGBT surveys, as well as producing focus groups and advisory boards.

Community Marketing’s LGBT consumer research panelists have been recruited over the past decade from the leading gay publications, websites, and events, and/or are members of leading LGBT organizations. In other words, they are the consumers that marketers can reach with your marketing messages.

Research has proven to be among our clients’ most cost-effective investments into LGBT outreach, as it informs your messaging, imagery, offer, product development, etc. and provides valuable feedback on past, current and prospective initiatives. In cases of tracking market position and growth, surveys can provide a benchmark against which future growth can be measured.

Market Research Methodology

For any project, we confer with our clients and select the most appropriate combination of these proven methods:

Custom Web-Based Surveys

We craft in-depth surveys to reveal unique information that applies specifically to your market and your competition. We build the surveys using state-of-the art software, and distribute them via our own proprietary, and highly qualified, panel. Our reports contain the resulting data, analysis, key findings, and recommendations based not only on the numbers, but also includes insights and experience gained over 22 years of LGBT market research.

Survey Cross-Tabs

Cross-tabs are subsets of the full research data (see above), specific to a targeted demographic, geographic region, etc. Cross-tab reports are full data reports including charts, summaries, key findings and recommendations. Examples of cross-tabs may include lesbians, high income, LGBTs with children, senior LGBTs, etc. Cross-tab reports help our clients identify growth potential, sensitivity issues, motivations, etc. that may be unique from the full field of survey participants.

Focus Groups

We pre-qualify candidates using our survey software, then hone in on a focused cross section of customer experiences. We facilitate sessions of 8 to 12 participants in dedicated venues in our clients’ key markets such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City and others as required (you’re welcome to observe). Savvy LGBT consumers provide qualitative depth and perspective to what we learn from quantitative surveys. “Virtual” focus groups via the internet may also be of interest, to reach and understand the motivations and perspectives of LGBTs not living in urban centers.

Field Surveys, Exit Surveys, Phone Interviews, Customer Service Surveys

These methodologies further round out our understanding of your gay and lesbian customers, taking advantage of specific timing, places and situations that can reveal important intelligence.

Educational Workshops, Seminars and Training

Beyond research as a means of preparation, planning and positioning, CMI offers educational and training workshops for our clients’ executives, sales and marketing teams, investors/stake holders, and front-line personnel. We also present at regional and national meetings, conferences and conventions.

For questions, or more information about your research, development or training needs, contact Todd Evans at Rivendell Media via 908-232-2021or or feel free to reach out to Tom Roth at Community Marketing at 415-437-3800 or or visit their website at

Ad Campaign Research Options


Rivendell’s longtime partnership with Community Marketing & Insights – the leading LGBT research company gives you many simple options – to support the LGBT communications initiatives of companies pursuing the LGBT market.

Community Marketing & Insights (CMI), founded in 1992, is a full-service LGBT researcher that has produced market studies for leading brands such as Wells Fargo Bank, Johnson & Johnson, Hawaiian Airlines, Hallmark, DIRECTV, Target, The Walt Disney Company and many more. CMI operates its own proprietary, community-representative panel of over 70,000 LGBT consumers.

Every marketer wants to improve results and measure ROI. Here are a few customizable options to help ensure your success:

Option 1: Co-op research.
For $10k, you can add four brand recognition and category-competitive environment questions into CMI’s 10th Annual LGBT Community Survey® study (fielded every year from April 15-May 31) to gauge your current LGBT position in the U.S. marketplace. This can serve as a baseline, and to measure communications traction and market share growth year over year.

Option 2: “Quick Pulse” custom survey.
For $15k, a mobile-optimized Quick Pulse includes up to 15 custom questions plus 4 demographics questions  (maximum 7 minute LOI), to help determine best market matches within the LGBT community (e.g. analysis by generations, geography, gender identity, relationship status, families, etc.). The Quick Pulse yields 600+ U.S. completes, sufficient for CMI to run comparison analysis by LGBT demographic segments. Costs may increase for fielding in other countries.

Option 3: Full custom studies.
This may include comprehensive surveys, in-person and virtual focus groups, in-depth interviews, etc. are available to design and implement for a range of $35k and up.

CMI also provides strategic consulting services based on over two decades of client case studies, plus corporate training covering research insights, trends, case studies and best practices. Please inquire.

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