Media Planning
– Print/ Digital/ Mobile

We will help develop strategies, make recommendations, and plan campaigns for our clients. We will design a campaign based on your needs, whether you want to blanket the country or concentrate on a certain market.

Media Placement
– Print/ Digital/ Mobile

Our company handles the insertion orders, deals with the publication’s, website’s, or mobile property’s invoices, makes sure the ads run as scheduled, and supplies tear sheets/ screenshots to our clients, providing a time saving alternative to dealing with numerous individual sales representatives. The rates we quote are the most current national rates and are always agency commissionable.


How We Work

We are paid by the publications/ digital/ mobile properties in the same way as the in-house local sales representatives. We can tell you what is available in any market or make recommendations based on our experience. We will bill and provide tear sheets/ screenshots, making your media buy easy and simple. All rates are gross and once you have decided on an approximate schedule, we will figure out what frequency discounts apply. One bill, one insertion, one rep — every gay publication.

Marketing Consultations

Ask questions, pick our brains — we know what’s out there because we’ve been doing this longer than anyone. With the marketing statistics we’ve accumulated, our experience on past advertising campaigns, and our vast archive of publications, we will help you understand and reach the gay consumer. Let our experience work for you.

Contact Us

We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.